Hello. We're #pactbikes - a new sort of bike company. So please excuse the mess. It's how we are.
We're new, but we've done stuff for people for ages. Everything from World Cup downhill bikes to steel singlespeeds. And everything in between.
We want to start doing stuff differently.


We have a new way of doing things - we make frames for you. Those can either be based on our existing models - which we have designed with our #pact ambassadors - those are shown on this page - http://issuu.com/pactbikes - or we can make you a completely custom one, either based on those, or something else entirely.
When we do custom, or when we work with you on an existing frame, you get the whole deal. A cool 3d render and full spec before sign off. So we can see it works, and you can too. 

We are a bit odd. We work on stuff we like. Non of this "can you make me an X, but cheaper". We like fun projects. We are happiest working with modern standards. Like disc road bikes, Plus sized tyres, hidden cables, through axles, adjustable dropouts, anything modern. We can do press in headsets. We can do anything. But we want it to be fun. We're making someone a 650B+ monstercross frame right now for example. With through axle adjustable dropouts and a Reverb Stealth routing. Want one? £1200. 

Basically, we're wanting to make great bikes with great people, and we'd love you to be involved, either by coming up with a great bike, saying you'd be interested in buying one of the great bikes that someone's made with us, or saying "no, that looks daft".

Our website is a rubbish because we're trying to save money. We're working hard to make great bikes, and we don't need a whizz-bang website to do that. 

We're really hoping you'd like to hear from us. This page is a signup thing for our mailing list - please add your details in the boxes at the bottom so we can keep in touch
 and if you don't you can unsubscribe and we'll not pester you again.

If you'd like to fill in the gubbins below, we'll let you know when we have stuff to let you know. We're going to do a fun newsletter every so often, and keep you up to date with what we're up to. It'll be bikes, and other stuff.

If there's anything more you'd like to know right now, drop us a line - help@pactbikes.com, but otherwise, please sign up using the boxes below, so we can tell you when there's something new happening. 

brant & yvonne

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